military expenditures

Taiwan spend about 3%, or $20 billion on military expenditure in 2008.

US spend about 3%, 0r $600 billion on it.

Japan, hindered by the peace clause, can only spend up to 1% of their GDP on military budget

China, who is hiding some fact numbers behind the sheet, is known to spend about 4% on military spendings.


Fusion energy

There will be a functioning nuclear fusion plant by 2020

A number of of research groups around the world are working to develop the would-be-revolutionary technology that could power whole cities using hydrogen from water, an unlimited source without harmful chemical emissions. (fusion technology is by fusing the nucli or two atoms)

Japan’s nuclear bomb

I have recently learned that Japan is capable of assembling a nuclear bomb in a period of 14 days.

however hindered by the peace clause signed with the U.S. after WWII, Japan were unable to have a physical nuke on their own..but they have every piece of equipments aligned in place, even the technician ppl are disguised as a “lab researcher”

that’s amazing >>

I wonder what the world would be like today without nukes (damn u..Albert E.)

spring break

the 10 days spring break has just started,

ppl are pouring out of town.. going back home..visiting friends.. or having multiple layovers all over the World

normally i really would just tag along..because i’m a city guy…i love somewhere that’s hot and crowded..

somewhere like s.california. i would imgaine there should be tons of sunlights and bikinis..tons of delicious foods..

but my gut tell me not to go anywhere now..instead i should really just use these time to  sort and calm my feelings..

over the course of the year..a lot has happened..many goods and many bads..

i just can’t positioned myself..i tried to let my feelings flow..but it turned out to be whirl of pains..

now i can only believe in what people has said…to keep your head high..

one thing i’m proud of myself is that im totally on my own..i’ve never really depend on anyone else since i came to the US..

this week, i’m just gonna focus on catching up with works..clear out my thoughts and make some dough

hopefully from now on things will turn out to be meaningful!!