why is Taiwan not in the globalization formula

everytime I read articles on issues about Asian financial crisis..or Asian Regionalism..or topics for that matters..

i’m reading about Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, China, Burma..but just never Taiwan.

the contents have never mentioned about Taiwan and its involvements in the past or current situation from its own point of view..or merely a subjective angle.. 

the only times Taiwan’s name would pops out would be when it is related to China..or the “Greater China Economic Zone”..and it talked from the China’s perspective..which is always about normalizing relationship between the cross-strait..and how they should integrate..

i mean..if there’s an economic welfare that’s great..but u can’t ignore Taiwan’s power as a whole..4 tigers – 1 isn’t the 4 tigers anymore

but still..i’m just curious…doesn’t Taiwan plays an important role in South East Asia? even when China is trying to squeeze Taiwan out..its economy is still too strong to be neglected..yet those scholors just pretend they can go on and on about Asian Regionalism without putting their ink on Taiwan’s existance…i mean..it does not reflects the reality

when talking about Asia, without Taiwan’s identity in the formula, the answer would never be complete..

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