Movie Review – “Avatar”

Score : 9.5/10

What can I say, a “perfect 10” movie..i movie should ever reach a 10/’s perfect by nature already..look at IMDB or other ranking system, it is the by far the highest selling movie ever in the human i don’t think i have ever rank many movies that high by far..asides from the lord of the rings and ID4 (by 1990s standard) =)

James Cameron..what i can say…i’m thrill..and will continue to be a big fan..

i strongly recommend those who hasn’t watch this movie go watch totally worth the ticket..and the time..

i didn’t gone to the movie theater for it..which is a big mistake..i would if there’s still a chance to make up for it..but according to people its “a ‘Must see’ movie, innovative, and extraordinary. it will be regarded by most cinema goers as another milestone in the history of the art. The level of realism achieved is remarkable, and although the film is relatively long in real time, it retains it’s excitement and holds the audience’s attention to the end.”

and it kinda give you a second thought about life..which i found encouraging..since i am a big environmental lover..and i also believe in the higher spiritual i totally believe in the existance of read my mind..James

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