Doha Round Negotiation

Doha round neotiations have been going on for many years since 2001, it has never comes to an agreement..
South Africa is the leader of SACU, also has a crucial relationship on bridging between the developed and developing nations
Japan is a net food importer, they have plenty of high tariffed sensitive products, esp. the argicultural goods (rices, starch)..and they’ve very little to offer
EU has a massive support on export subsidies, they are Africa’s biggest food importer
U.S. has a huge domestic support, but they claimed it is for genetically.modified.crops (GMC)..and is vital for ppl’s health
China is not really interested in Doha round negotiation..but they’re indeed a newly acceded that means it also applies for Taiwan as well?
India and Brazil have many small-scale farmers that rely on small decreasing or other countries’ subsidies can be significant for their life.
Australia is sort of the first advanced country to lower their market access threshold and overall distorting barriers..

Doha round offers the potential for countries to have prosperity and stability for their economy..however disagree stalled the round and now it have pushed the world to a new era (the regionalism era)

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