East Asia and China

CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) – 60% in China, wind-turbine in China have already generated 3-gigawatts by 2010

US export control – US has strictly forbidden its high-tech products from selling to China

China’s respond is “Even thought the butcher is dead, it doesn’t mean we don’t eat pork”

China’s is the world’s largest importer of waste (scarp paper, scrap metals, e-wastes), mainly from the developed country like the U.S., japan, as one source of revenue for Chinese

China’s influence in Angola – buy a lot of debt bond from Angola

China-Japan relationship over the leadership

in 1949 when ROC/PROC splits, Mao was planning to attack Taiwan, but 1950 the Korean Peninsula war disrupted Mao’s plan, so the troop Mao send to GuanDong to invade Taiwan was relocated to northern China to guard the Korean war.

China: currency manupulator: – to keep competitive but a lot of countries complain esp. the U.S.

it stabalize the global economy during the economic crisis

China also holds a lot of foreigner debts and have many foreign aids
– China is the largest bilateral foreign aids to South East Asia
– China holds 2 trillion US dollars of its foreigner reserve on U.S

China’s peaceful rise – does it mean the falls for other countries?

integration of the system through the capital market

China’s public services are dominated by 3 sectors – educations, universal health

to be contiune..

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