the summer has began

Finally, another 4-month long hual semaster has ended with not much fuel left in my tank – its time for a deep rest

by rest, this time the meaning of it is a little different from before; by rest, i can finally review everything that i’ve learned from the past three semasters; by rest, i can now learn stuffs that i realized the school would never teach you; by rest, i can go ahead and write my capstone paper without any rush; by rest, i can study energy physics trying to get ready for my next semaster; by rest, i can work with my professor and recieved a 3 grands in the summer!

well, i’m getting a car by the early June..I think I will try to travel a little bit
a lot of my friends are graduating, heading for really nice job or intership..good luck to them!

i’m still trying to figure out what my future seems like the real hiderance for me is that there’re too many chooices..the biggest challange is that i need to break it down to something that i’m really passionate about..not just for sake of money

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