溪頭 Xi Tou

Xi Tou is a nice place to distanced yourself from a crowded and busy city like Taipei, and it offers so many natural sceneries to keep you involved and energized. It is probably my third time to ever been here; the first time as i recalled was when i was little, there with my extened families: grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, i didn’t have much memories of it because i was too young at that time and was probably paying attentions on something else. The second time in Xi Tou was just a few years ago, i went there with my parents, grandma and wawa…it was the first time ever for me to felt for this charismatic nature, lot of trees and crystal cleanliness. As for this time i went with my parents, wawa, coffee and Michael. I think I was able to appreciate it the most, the trees, tranquility and the air quality reminded me of Monterey. We lived there for two days and stayed in a complex cottage (救國團青年活動中心): it has 1 double bed and 2 single beds, the place was very comfortable and quiet. Unfortunately we ran into some rains during our trip and it had limited our journey in the woods, however we were able to relaxed and took long naps.

Overall, the trip was very nice and pleasant, if there’s any chance i would want to go back again for sure!